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Forum Guidelines

Code of Conduct

No Bigotry ​

Our forum is a place for people to share ideas, insights and engaging conversations - not a place for racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. If you're engaged in hate speech you're out.

No Spamming or Scamming

It's cool if your company is running a sale, but please don't abuse the forum  by bombarding it with marketing/advertising. It's a small community, so scamming people isn't gonna work out for you.

No belittling 

This is a place for sharing and learning so please don't belittle other users. It's super rad that you are an O.G. of packrafting, but don't make fun of, talk down to or disrespect others simply trying to learn. Let's be an inclusive community, not exclusive.

Image by Jon Flobrant
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